Christian Youth Camps Waihola

by 원처치 posted Sep 01, 2016


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캠프명 Christian Youth Camps Waihola
주소 70 Finlayson Rd, Waihola 9243
구글맵 바로가기 https://goo.gl/maps/chpfHxPLMgn
전화번호 03-417-7120
전화번호2 --
전화번호3 --
이메일 bookings@cycwaihola.org.nz
홈페이지 http://www.cycwaihola.org.nz
수용인원 130
집회장 80-90
액티비티 Activities: Flying Fox, Geocaching, Air Rifles, Archery, Paint-ball, Mountain Boards, Mudslide, Playing fields, Lake Waihola
Catering Self Catering
캠프장 안내 CYC Waihola's main activity is the running of holiday adventure camps for children and teenagers during each school holidays for the purposes of giving the young people chance to build character, gain life skills and challenge themselves.

We use the our adventure activities (such as flying fox, go carts, etc.) as well as the Bible to give life lessons that the young people can apply to their life.

We also allow our beautiful camp-site and activities to be used by churches, schools and other groups outside of the school holidays.